Labor of Love + An Amazon Giftcard Giveaway

If you follow me on Facebook/Instagram, you know that I started a blanket for my son in December. It was supposed to be one of his birthday presents, but I didn’t finish it in time. I’m not a huge fan of longer projects like blankets because there are tons of ends to weave in and they just take a long time, but my muffin needed a new blanket. He’s outgrown his blankets from last winter, plus it’s a bit colder this winter, so we’ve been doubling up the blankets to make sure he’s warm and his little feet are covered.

Prior to choosing to make a blanket for him, I came across this beautiful pattern from Mamachee on Ravelry.

via Tara Murray on Ravelry

via Tara Murray on Ravelry


I loved all the texture in it, so I purchased it thinking I would make it for my Etsy shop one day. Well when I realized my son needed a blanket, I decided to do this one, but less colors..


IMG_4088Initially, I was only going to do the base color of pewter (gray) with lettuce (green) and iced aqua (light blue), but as I was working on the blue section I kept feeling like there needed to be at least one more color. Now this could have halted my project altogether, but I’m a bit of yarn hoarder, so there was already more yarn in my stash. Most of my Red Heart with Love yarn was dark, but I remembered I still had some cornsilk (yellow) left and voila!

IMG_4118Since this is a long project, I didn’t want to have to start over, so I was really careful about counting stitches in the beginning and making sure the colors worked together.

IMG_4121Once I started a green section, I was in love and happy with my decision to add the yellow in there. Although, my husband helped me choose too. I took a break to enjoy NYE and then went out of town for a few days to see my family in Michigan. By the time I got back, classes were getting ready to start and I had to put the blanket on hold for a while. I’m glad I didn’t tell my son that this project was for him right away because he would have kept asking about it. Well this past week it snowed in Georgia and that lead to snow days, I should have used the entire time to work on reading and writing for my dissertation, but what’s the fun in that lol. I decided to go ahead and finish up his blanket and I’m so happy I did.

Doesn't he looks so happy?

Doesn’t he looks so happy?

Six skeins of yarn, countless hours of crocheting, and lots of wrist pain later my labor of love is all done and just in time for Valentine’s Day. He’s gone down for the night with no problems since receiving his new blanket, but nap time is a different story.

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