Lace Headwrap: WIP Wednesday

I’m always working on something new, so when I started working on this blog I made sure to create a special category for these days.  Welcome to the first WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday!

A few months ago, I got a great deal on this tabletop photo studio, so that I could start taking nicer pictures and not worrying about things being in the background. I decided to pull it out today. It came with fancy lights, but I didn’t try those out yet. Even without the fancy lights, I’m pleased with the outcome. On to the project…




Spring is finally HERE! Let’s hope the weather starts to cooperate. I’m in Georgia and it’s still a bit frigid, especially in the morning and evening. In the hope that spring will visit soon, I’m working on a new item for the shop. A lace head wrap and I’m using Caron Joy yarn in Cerise. Sadly, this is a yarn that’s discontinued, so you can only get it in a few places and once it’s gone it’s gone.  It’s categorized as worsted weight, but is definitely a light one and it’s an acrylic/bamboo blend making it perfect for warmer weather.

I’ll be  sure to share pictures once I finish and of course the head wraps will be added to the shop shortly.


My Stash (and a brief lesson on yarn types)

Hi everyone,

I finally had a chance to talk with the designer for the blog, so hopefully I’ll have a new fancy site to unveil in the next few weeks.Today I just wanted to share a picture of my yarn stash with everyone and talk a little about the different brands of yarn I use.


This is only part of my stash. Buying yarn for projects is a little addictive, so be aware of that when you get started. I know a lot of people hear yarn and think about itchy wool, but I’m allergic to wool, so my stash is strictly acrylic and cotton at the moment. I do have some acrylic and bamboo blend in there and you’ll see that in use very soon when I debut the items for spring.

My current favorite yarns are Caron Simply Soft, Red Heart with Love, and Lion Brand Hometown USA. All three of those yarns are pictured in the picture. The first two cubes (top left is leftover yarn from projects) are actually all Simply Soft which is probably my absolute favorite of the three. I’ll be trying out Caron Joy and Lion Brand Heartland very soon. Oh and I’m working on a project with Red Heart Soft in the coming weeks as well.

My latest yarn order...

My latest yarn order…

One of the first things you need to understand is that yarn is weighted from 1-6. I primarily work with #4 and #6 yarn, worsted and super bulky, but even then all yarns are still not created equally. For example, Simply Soft and Red Heart w/ Love are both #4 yarns, but they work up completely different. Simply Soft is a bit thinner and results in more of a draped look, whereas With Love is a bit more bulky and results in a heavier warmer look. The blanket for my son used Red Heart w/ Love and it’s incredibly soft and warm.

When I first started out I primarily used Red Heart Super Saver (#4) yarn, but I quickly learned about other acrylic yarns that are low cost and “nicer” in my opinion. I still think that Red Heart Super Saver (RHSS) is great for beginners learning to crochet, but it’s not my go to any more. Plus, you can find it cheap at your local Wal-Mart. I say buy small amounts of different yarns until you find out what you like. I have a TON of RHSS that I probably won’t ever use.