Hoot! Hoot! Amigurumi Owls: In the Shop

I was on spring break last week and decided that I wanted to make an amigurumi owl for my son.  I mentioned on Facebook that I wanted to try and use Fresh Stitches Nelson the Owl pattern since it was so popular. Oh and I’m a little obsessed with owls at the moment.

Materials used:

Yarn: Red Heart with Love in Pewter, Navy, and Cornsilk. Caron One Pound in Off White and Sage. Red Heart Super Saver in Cherry Red.

Eyes: 12 mm craft eyes

Stuffing: Mountain Mist Fiberloft Polyester Stuffing

The first one turned out “okay,” especially considering this was my first time trying amigurumi. I knew I could do better though, especially in the sewing and assembly department. Part of the problem was I was so determined to finish it that I didn’t start assembling until 3 am and missed some steps. Oh and I had forgotten to give him ears initially.  Sesame (nickname for my son) didn’t care he loved it and was super excited.




He loved it so much and dragged it all through the house with him, so I decided to make a smaller one that could go in his backpack when we’re out and about. I made it to coordinate with his new Thomas the Train backpack.


At this point, I knew I wanted to redo his larger owl, so I spent a little time on Sunday getting started and then finished it up on Monday during and after nap time. He loves it and I finally felt comfortable enough to add it as a custom listing in the shop.




Now I just have to make one for my office to match my other owl things and probably one for each of my nephews as well.

If you crochet, you can find the pattern for Nelson and Nel (tiny) at Fresh Stitches. I highly recommend purchasing the pattern from her shop. It was really easy to follow and their are lots of pictures, plus links to tutorials to help along the way.

If you don’t crochet, head over to my Etsy shop to order one in the colors of your choice.

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